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Hi Amy - that noodle dish looks so nice. I remember reading somewhere about a Japanese dish where the noodles are dipped into running stream water - am I imagining this?

Anyway, re your comments about the summer - my husband and I are visiting Tokyo at the end of August for two weeks and we'd like some advice about what clothes to pack - do we need coats/jackets or will a sweater be enough?

Thanks :-)

Barbara Phillips-Conroy

What a beautiful site - I was looking up photos on the web of wooly aphids - I found my first little creatures in the garden here in Oakville Ontario yesterday - and have been completely transfixed by your food, flower and insect images and tales in Japan! And, by the way I firmly believe, you can never photograph too many hydrangeas.


meemalee - that's nagashi sōmen, a dining experience I would love to try someday.


I love noodles of all sorts, so I'm going to try to find some soumen noodles, if not soba. Do you know if tsuyu can be made?


That hiyamugi looks so refreshing! I feel a cold soba hankering coming on.


Takes me back! One of my earliest and happiest Japan memories is of trying to catch somen noodles shooting down at bamboo slide, being laughed at by elementary school kids, on a sticky, humid day in rural Tokushima. Just wish the weather was warm enough in Scotland to generate the desire to eat some somen now. Pah to the weather gods. I WILL eat somen in the rain!


Ahhhh...this looks wonderful...I have been in the mood for some cold noodles with the weather being so hot and humid in New England.....Yummmmm...


The food on your site is heavenly - perfect for the South African weather and the cold noodles - well, I could have all of that just for me THIS MINUTE!! You have an exquisite site, your photographs are stunning and your food ideas quite unusual. You have awakened my interest in Japanese food - it's just so much more than sushi en the classics.


Ahhh... cold summer noodles are the absolute best! I think every asian culture has something like.

I laughed at your comment about noodles for dinner being grounds for divorce. My father has a quirk - he won't eat rice for lunch AND dinner on the same day. So my mother (the typical asian housewife) would always call his secretary and ask "Noodles or rice?" - and she would tell my mother what type of starch my father had consumed that day.

Your food photos are so beautiful. Thank you so much for your lovely lovely blog.


This photo attracts my appetite.
Thanks. :-)


your noodle and freshly cut food pictures made my mouth water. it looks so healthy! i have just been reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" about processed foods and how corn is in everything....so your pictures were entirely refreshing!
also, you have quite an extensive list of food blogs and thought you might want to add mine. it's about going without sugar for a year which i am in the midst of doing and half-way through! i have recently posted more sugar-free recipes, and plan on amplifying that section.
i look forward to perusing the many different blogs you have listed-they all look so interesting!


Ah, so delicious looking. It's hot here and I'd thought to try some somen, but usually end up with soggy noodles. Let's see if my dinner works out!
It will be days before I post about it: I cook, or blog. Not both, so I'm behind!
You do an amazing blog!


I noticed that you have lime on the table. What is that used for? Does it go with the somen like how one would put lime in Vietnamese Pho?


I've never had soumen noodles, but now I'm craving them. Well done!

Don't know what it is, but summer in Toronto has gone crazy. One day it's sweater-cool, the next it's 40C in the shade. This also happens to be the wettest summer ever.


Hello Amy,
Recently, I commented on your fascinating photos of the fireworks posted on Aug. 8, 2007 but no reply from you. May I have your permission to use the photos and also the one on this hiyamugi for an article in a newspaper column about Japan. But I don't know if the photo files are big enough to send them to the newspaper. If you have bigger photos, please do send them to my email address. Thanks very much.


Hi Amy,
Since you didn't give your consent, I didn't use your photos.

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